These are just a few of the success stories (based on true individual experiences; names and some information changed to protect identities) that I have experienced with clients over the past few years. I am honored and privileged to have been able to help in the healing of these people's live.

Over two years ago a client came to me for help with symptoms of PTSD.  'Angie' was an EMS worker and one day found herself in a situation that wasn't unusual for her line of work but it impacted her more than she expected.  For almost ten years she experienced nightmares and frequent thoughts of the event, she tried to avoid thinking about it but to no avail.  After only two or three sessions with Angie her PTSD symptoms completed subsided and today she is free of nightmares as well as any of the other symptoms that she struggled with for so many years.  Angie has not forgotten about the situation but she can look at it and think about it in a much healthier manner.

Another client, 'Sam' came to me for relief from his fear of flying.  This fear was so bad it prohibited Sam from going anywhere near an airport let alone actually getting on a plane.  This was distressing to Sam because he had family that lived in another state and he wanted to see them but found that he didn't see them as often as he would have liked due to his fear of flying.  After one session Sam reported that his anxiety about flying had decreased to a level that allowed him to take a flight to visit his family for the first time in years.  He said that he still had some anxiety on the plane but his phobia was reduced to such a level that he was able to get on the plane and successfully travel to visit his family.

Mark was grieving over the loss of his wife due to an illness a few years ago.  He stated that he wanted to be able to feel less discomfort about the loss of his wife and some of the feelings he had about their interactions just before her death.  He discussed feeling guilty that he “could have done more” to help her.  After just one session Mark reported that his feeling of guilt had subsided to a more manageable level and that he was able to view the situation in a healthier way.  He also reported that although he still missed his wife, he felt more comfort and acceptance of her death.

I really enjoy seeing people live their lives again and experience peace and joy. I'd love to help you too!


I am a California Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, LMFT 92420. I earned my masters degree in Psychology with an emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy from Chapman University in 2012. I have been assisting individuals and couples improve their lives and relationships since 2011. I have experience working in many fields and with a variety of diagnoses. I am a member of CAMFT (California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists), ADAA (Anxiety and Depression Association of America), and EMDRIA (EMDR International Association). I'm a trained EMDR therapist. Please feel free to inquire more about my experience and background.

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